Friday, July 6, 2007

Denmark to Weaponize Lawn Robots

The Luddington Daily News reports that Danish engineers have created the Hortibot, a "three foot-by-three-foot, self-propelled, global positioning system-directed, weed-eliminating, automated robot" (via slashdot).

We're not going to dwell on the many available puns involving robots "weeding out" rebellious humans, but rather on the terrifying manner in which this monster is equipped. "Hortibot has a variety of weed-removing attachments and methods. It can manually pick weeds, spray, or remove them using flames or a laser."

FLAMES or a LASER! Seriously? And to make matters worse, the hortibot is basically a set of attachments for the same lawn mowing robot that killed a Danish municipal worker several months ago. Since it's already killed someone, it only makes sense to make it deadlier.

So, between Denmark's mad agricultural engineers, and the guy who recently hacked his robo-sapien to add a flamethrower, there's plenty going on this week to keep us up at night.

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